Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Toronto International Boat Show

The Store - Mason's Chandlery will be at the Toronto Boat Show booth G539. Check out our boat show specials. Remember, our store location in Port Credit will also be open during the entire boat show - 9AM-5PM with the same boat show specials.

The Toronto International Boat Show is Canada's Largest Boat Show, North America's largest indoor Boat Show and the preeminent selling venue for the recreational boating industry and the premiere showcase for new 2014 product.

The best place to see boats is the best place to buy them.

The 56th Toronto International Boat Show will be held from January 10-19 at the Direct Energy Centre - Exhibition Place.

For more information click here: www.torontoboatshow.com 

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

News Release: 'Learn From The Experts' Spring Seminar Series

As part of its mandate to be Canada’s leading Marine Hardware store, ‘The Store’ Mason’s Chandlery continues to host its spring and fall seminar series.

Entitled ‘Learn From The Experts’, The Store recruits marine product specialists to provide lectures and hands-on demonstrations on topics of interest to boaters.

“Our objective is to provide topics of interest to our customers to help them enjoy their time on the water even more, whether it's knowing how to use their auto pilot, fix an unsightly chip or to help protect their boat from the elements." states Morten Fogh, President of The Store Mason’s Chandlery. “We feel it’s our responsibility to not only sell marine products but to provide boaters with information on the equipment that we are selling. It’s our way of making sure that our customers are current on all the new products and techniques that the industry has to offer.”

A complete seminar listing can be found on The Store's website.  The seminars begin on the first Saturday of February and run to the end of March.  Each Saturday has one or two seminars.  All seminars are free unless otherwise specified. Pre-registration is required either by e-mail at heather@thestoremasons.com or contact Heather by phone at 905-278-7005.
"We want The Store Mason's Chandlery to be the source for information to improve everyone's boating experience, and to make it safer and easier to go boating."

The Store - Mason's Chandlery is your choice for marine hardware. We are conveniently located in the Port Credit Harbour Marina, Mississauga, ON. We are open 6 days a week. See us at the Toronto Boat Show Booth G539 from January 10-19, 2014.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cheddar and Beer Soup

LYC sailor, Jen Zimmerman has started a blog entitled The Sailing Chef: Local Eating and Eating Locally. Jen is also a member of WOW = Women on the Water. Jen was featured at a summer WOW event entitled - Cooking On Your Boat!

Jen catered The Store's Christmas dinner last weekend! And what a treat!
The menu included:

  • Goat Cheese with Leeks & Leek and Green Peppercorn Tarts
  • Gnocchi with Beef Ragu filled with lots of local in-season vegetables
  • Garlic bread
  • And the piece du resistance - Pavlona. All that crunch, creaminess, sweetness, topped with cranberries, sour cherries and shavings of white chocolate. It was impossible to resist!
Jen is all about local - supporting the local eateries and the suppliers. She uses only fresh ingredients and therefore only cooks what's in season. As she says in her blog - she doesn't want to do chocolate dipped strawberries in February - because they won't be fresh.

Check out Jen's latest blogged recipe Cheddar and Beer Soup. She challenges us to identify which is our favourite ingredient - beer or cheese? Hmmm

PS. Truth be known, I had two pieces of the Pavlona... Yummm

The Store - Mason's Chandlery is your choice for marine hardware. Conveniently located in the Port Credit Harbour Marina, you will find all that you need for your boating needs. Open 6 days a week. Free parking. 

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Store's Haul-Out Tip #3 - Protecting Your Boat's Bottom

If you're like us, we know you don't like cleaning the bottom of your boat. If you're boating in low-fouling fresh water or cold saltwater, we suggest you try a new waxing technology instead of anti-fouling bottom paint.

Easy-On Bottom Wax #5425 from Natural Marine Products is an easy-to-use, nontoxic, soft-wax coating for full-season protection. One bottle will cover a 24' boat. It only takes minutes to apply and guess what - come spring no bottom cleaning - you are ready to go.

For best performance, apply Easy-On Bottom Wax in thin coats. It's a lot less expensive than anti-fouling paint and tons less annual work. It can be applied over old sound anti-fouling paint or on a bare hull. It seals the surface, repels water and helps prevent osmosis.

Easy-On Bottom Wax can be used on outdrives and transducers. It stays as a soft moveable surface and tends to self-clean as you use your boat. Leave the boat moored all season and fouling becomes established.

Does it improve performance? The New Zealand Coast Guard reports a 2MPH better top end speed after using Easy-On Bottom Wax.

Do you have a haul-out question? Then give us a call. The Store - Mason's Chandlery is your source for marine equipment and information. 

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Store's Haul-Out Tip #2 - Give Your Head a 'Shock Treat'

Make sure during haul-out you don't forget to flush out your boat's head and holding tank. During the boating season the contents of your holding tank have been sloshing about and can sometimes can get caught or stick to the corners or ceiling of your holding tank. At harbour though, the head chemicals remain in the bottom of the tank, and aren't able to reach anything that might be stuck on the ceiling and walls. That's where bacteria begins to grow, and ultimately the odour. Do The 'Shock Treat' on your head!
  • ck Treat #4025 into your boat's head and flush it through the holding tank. This will help descale the hoses and tanks. It will also reduce the chance of potential problem odours.
  • It's also a good idea to add Head-O-Lube #4085 to the head after flushing the tank to pre-lubricate the pump stem and toilet valve components.
Head-O-Matic Shock Treat #4025 is a time-tested, rigorous product originally designed for the airline, military and rail industries.And, just like the other items on your haul-out 'To Do' list - don't wait for spring! Be sure to flush out your holding tank before winter, otherwise you could end up with a hardened ledge which can create even more problems. This haul-out tip came from our friends at AlexMile.com - innovators and developers of boat/RV, cottage, industrial and equine care products.
Need haul-out advise? Not sure what can wait for spring and what should be done now? Give any one of our sales staff a call at 905-278-7005 or e-mail us info@thestoremasons.com - we're here to help!

The Story behind 'The Store'

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Thirty years ago, Jack Mason came home from his sales job of 25 years and said, “I would rather open a marine store, one store to get everything you need!” Jack and Bette (an Island girl) met at Queen City Yacht Club, married, had children, dogs and many, many boats. On April 7 1978, “The Store” Mason's Chandlery was opened in the Port Credit Harbour Marina. It was designed to be a one-stop marine hardware store. Boaters could find everything they needed to maintain their boats, right down to the nuts and bolts! Today, the Mason legacy continues as Lori has becomes the second generation. Mason's continues to provide the same great customer service and exceptionally wide range of product. Mason's stock environmentally safe products and were the first retail store to earn the Green Leaf Eco-rating Award. Mason's has qualified staff, special events; seminars and are producers of the Port Credit Boat Show. Our goal is to continue our top customer service, variety of inventory, competitive prices, and provide the absolute best for our patrons, whether they are experienced seafarers or first time boaters. We work for our customer!